Artworks / Opere


"The journey and the traveller resemble each other in some way.  Each one confirms the other's presence, and each one distinguishes the other along the way."
(Daniela Forcella)

Using this incipit, Daniela Forcella opens in Venice on 5/10/2017 with her personal "Cartografie", curated by Viviana Lavinia Algeri.  This is a series of six sculptures in wood and resin where hearts, outlined into the areas, rely on the light as a guiding signal to go towards the pre-sketched "to memory”, representing the past experience. The exhibition takes place in a pod type area, set up inside the Library of the Temanza at the Zenobio palace.  The background and the video created for the event have been designed to complete this sensory experience, which seems more like an interlude for intimate reflection than an exhibition.  The artist expresses her own inner journey through the metaphor of the journey and the traveller; in search of that long-lost identity that has almost been crushed by a daily routine defined by rhythms and pressures no longer sustainable. This is like a sabbatical interlude made up of silence and observations.  "Cartografie" is the landing place; an invitation to recover the signals that indelibly sketch the past experience of every person, returning them to the present with a viaticum to continue their journey.


The prologue to the initiating journey of the "Cartografie" series, depicted in "A Memoria", continues along its course with "Frames".

Here, four single fragmented areas are defined and contained within a 'still image' that, as with the best filmography, tells its story in a single frame.  These snapshots of areas are designated entirely in an almost dazzling white, where the solitude of the throbbing red human figure appears to stand out to us even more in its infinite allegorical power. The change of scale, while keeping the structure of the story intact, is the theme on which the artist is working to produce the subsequent works that will complete the entire series. After all, the journey has only just begun, and Frames is just one of the many stages of a journey that, according to the artist, still has many surprises in store for us.