Artworks / Opere



From the artist's encounter with Animacrylica, a company that works in the Methacrylates sector, a happy collaboration was formed that was to lead to the production of "Body Fluid". This sculpture, made with polychrome methacrylate, has been cast into a single large concave block. In this, iconic resin hearts, seeming to float in water, have been embellished with fragments of gold leaf. This is a monolith of great poetic power, which signifies how easily the dividing line between commonly opposing elements can become blurred. 


In some of her more personal works, the artist has put small sculptures on display. These are almost always transparent caskets in which strongly symbolic shapes, or objects, appear to be drowning, or are stacked or tied together. The process of selecting and collecting objects is intended to feed our desire to store something in our memory for the future, like a kind of catalogue of some of the 'cult fetishes' of our era.

Nirvana (2014) deserves a separate mention. Here, the artist introduces the luminous element that amplifies our perception of the different nature of the surfaces of the iconic heart: one perfectly smooth, the other coarse and broken up.
The sculpture, made by manipulating polyurethane foam, becomes magma and lives in the oscillating movement that, produced when necessary, shows what it wants to show of itself in a totally autonomous manner: this is how chance rules the world.